Important News

Written by Thomas on August 21st, 2016 AD

After having enjoyed a few blissful summer days, we have to bring you sad news.
Fieke will leave Cesair in 2017.

Fieke has decided to lay down her duties for us as a musician in order to focus on her work as a music engineer and producer entirely. Read her personal message below:

Throughout the years, I have read many goodbye notes, and all of them seem to be rather ambiguous and all rosy – so as not to disturb or worry anyone in the slightest.
I do not want to write something like that. As my fellow band members know by now, I tend to be very direct and clear, which I will now be as well. No bullshit or drama – I want to show you the real me.
What follows might be a bit philosophical; if that is not your cup of tea, please skip the next three paragraphs ;)

A little over a year ago, a dear friend showed me something important. He let me hold a cup, which symbolised my life. A bottle of water he was holding, was to symbolise my time and energy. He asked me to name the things on which I'd want to spend my time and energy. For everything I named, he poured water into the cup. It was up to me to say 'stop' when I felt that he had poured enough water in relative to the subject. You can probably guess what followed – before I knew it, the cup overflowed, while I was long but finished…

Long have I tried to enlarge the cup, or change the density of the water. By now, I have accepted that both options are impossible. Instead, I have become very careful in deciding what to spend my time and energy on. Does it add value to my life? Does it spark joy? This has caused me to let go of many things over the past year.

It is actually pretty terrifying to admit that something does not bring you the happiness it once did, especially in a band with people that have become such dear and close friends. However, after seven years of sharing both joys and hardships, now is the moment to admit that Cesair does not bring me what I want or need in this moment of my life.

Now for the cheesy (but no less heartfelt) part:

I am deeply grateful for everything I have experienced as a part of Cesair! The positive and euphoric moments, the tough times and the harsh lessons we have learnt. Those things will never let me go, and I am happy to carry them with me forever.
I wish Cesair all the best for the times and adventures to come.

Warmest wishes
Fieke van den Hurk

We all fully understand and support Fieke's decision, as we feel that this was always the direction she would have had to follow at some point. Although Fieke will soon no longer be our band member, we will keep working with her as a producer - for instance for our upcoming second studio album, which we are writing right now.

As for the Cesair live shows: We'll play some of our confirmed concerts together with Fieke, and for some we'll bring guest musicians.
As a goodbye gift, we have decided to give one final, intimate concert with Fieke in the Netherlands on 18 March 2017. This is our concert together with the Russian band Theodor Bastard and our dear friends Maya Fridman and Jyoti Verhoeff. We hope many of you will be able to attend, so we can give Fieke a good send-off!
Following this, later in 2017, Cesair will return with a new lineup, to bring you our Epic Folk & Mythic Music in a new form! We will tell you all about our plans later this year.

We, Monique, Sophie, Jan and Thomas, give Fieke all our thanks and love for the five years in which we worked together so closely. It has been a journey in which we not only reached new heights as a band, but also on a personal level. We were bandmates and we were (and still are!) the best of friends. The memories that spring forth from our adventures will always be a part of us, something that will never be taken away. In many ways, it has been the best foundation we could ever have wished for.

And now, it is time to walk our own paths. We look forward to enjoying the last bits together, on stage, off stage and as friends for times to come!

Yours, Cesair

Just Confirmed

Written by Thomas on August 17th, 2016 AD

We are proud to announce that we will share the stage with Theodor Bastard and Jyoti Verhoeff & Maya Fridman on 18 March 2017, in Poppodium de Peppel in Zeist. THEODOR BASTARD is one of the most unique contemporary world-music collectives from Russia. Led by vocalist Yana Veva and producer Fedor Svolotch, their music balances between world music, darkwave and trip-hop. We discovered them at Castlefest last year and well in love with their sound instantly. Therefore we are honoured to be able to host this concert together with them. Our dear friends Jyoti Verhoeff and Maya Fridman, who both performed as guest members of Cesair several times already this year, will open this magical evening for all of you.

Thank you Castlefest!!!

Written by Thomas on August 8th, 2016 AD

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend, performing for you twice on this edition of Castlefest. It was fantastic to see how many familiar and new faces greeted us in front of the stage - see for yourself!
Many thanks to dear Mark, Natasja, Ricky, Femke, Rolf, Jantine, Pieter, Henri, Toetsie, and all the Vana crew members and volunteers for setting up this great festival - our favourite place to come home to - once again. And a shout-out to our dream team Wannes, Kennard, Simon, for their hard work behind the scenes! Finally, to Luka, Maya, Fanny and Darina: it is an honour and a blessing to be able to perform together with you.

Thank you.

Dies, Nox et Omnia: SINE FINE anniversary

Written by Thomas on May 22nd, 2016 AD

Today marks the one year anniversary of our special edition album "Dies, Nox et Omnia: Sine Fine"! To celebrate, we'll include a gift with each order of this album in our webshop until end of June 2016!

Cesair's Epic Guest Musicians in 2016

Written by Thomas on April 2nd, 2016 AD

We are very glad to announce that we will have the opportunity to work with several amazing guest musicians this year! For most of our live shows in 2016, we will be joined on stage by one of more of the following dear friends and talented artists:
- Daphyd Crow on didgeridoo
- Jyoti Verhoeff on vocals and piano
- Faber Sowulo on piano
- Fanny Herbst on harp
- Klaartje Sowulo on viola
- Maya Fridman on cello
- Luka Aubri on didgeridoo
Now, we won't tell you when and where they will show up - that is for you to find out...

Welcome spring!

Written by Thomas on March 21st, 2016 AD

In this moment, let's take a chance to reflect on how everything is starting to come to life all around us again, after the long, dark months past. Small animals, sprouts and flowers will soon pop up everywhere! Let's also appreciate how precious that flower, that hummingbird, or that bumblebee's life is, and ponder on whether or not we appreciate the lives of all creations of this Earth similarly and fairly.
For in many places on this earth, the times are still dark and harsh, while we can enjoy the first warm sun rays touching our skin. Let's be thankful for this feeling of renewal and happiness, and let's not forget to wish it upon all others.

Cesair at Wacken Winter Nights 2017!

Written by Thomas on January 30th, 2016 AD

Cesair is going to Wacking Winter Nights in 2017! W:W:N is a new unique winter festival organised by Wacken Open Air.

A winter wonderland of snow and fire, passion and darkness, fear and grace.

Experience prestigious bands from several genres, such as medieval rock, symphonic metal, pagan and mystic folk, playing full sets inside the Ice Palace. Stroll through the historic village and the Old Village Church or let yourselves be enchanted by astonishing shows in the Theatre of Grace. Encounter mythical creatures, musicians, wizards and storytellers in an enchanted forest. Wacken Winter Nights will be a festival in an intimate atmosphere with the performing artists, set in an unique scenery in the iconic village of Wacken.

The pre-sale has started and the 500 limited Early Winter Tickets are already sold out! More info on

Concert Dates for 2016

Written by Thomas on December 28th, 2015 AD

We have made all of our concert dates for 2016 available in our agenda! Will you come to our shows in the Netherlands, Germany, or Italy? This is going to be an incredible year full of epic folk and mythic music, the way you like it!

Autumn Moon

Written by Thomas on September 24th, 2015 AD

This Halloween we will perform at Autumn Moon Festival in Hameln, Germany! We are there amongst amazing artists including Deine Lakaien and our friends from Leaves' Eyes, Euzen and Omnia. Find out more in our agenda or at We hope to see you there!

THE RUIN - Live at Castlefest 2015

Written by Thomas on August 13th, 2015 AD

You can now watch this video of our song "The Ruin", recorded during our live show at Castlefest on Saturday 1 August 2015. A huge thanks to Jasper from Heathen Arts for filming and producing this clip, and for the whole crew for letting us use their video material as well!

New Shop Items

Written by Fieke on July 22nd, 2015 AD

I added some new merchandise items to our webshop! You can now order a high-quality A3 poster and a set of large stickers alongside your CD, shirt, or necklace! Please have a look at our goods HERE

xx Fieke

Dies, Nox et Omnia - SINE FINE

Written by Thomas on May 22nd, 2015 AD

Today is the release date of our new album "Dies, Nox et Omnia - SINE FINE"! This is a special edition of our debut album, completely remastered in the Wisseloord Studios by Grammy-award winner Darcy Proper, and features remixes of our songs by Corvus Corax, Niel Mitra, Schwarzblut and Orchus.

You can get your copy at all of our concerts or via our webshop.

1. Prologue
2. Enuma Elish
3. Minnic Soe Stervic
4. Ishtar (ft. Sonja Drakulich)
5. Dies, Nox et Omnia
6. Du Som Har
7. The Wanderings of Oisin
8. Atiny Naya
9. Y Gododdin
10. Canso (Niel Mitra remix)
11. Mal Casada (Corvus Corax remix)
12. Graeica (Schwarzblut remix)
Bergatrollets Friari (Orchus remix)



Written by Thomas on March 27th, 2015 AD

We are organising a special competition in honour of the upcoming release of our new album "Dies, Nox et Omnia: Sine Fine", which is to be released on 22.05.2015.

You can win one of our epic brass necklaces, handcrafted in the fires of L'Atelier du Feu Secret, by pre-ordering this album. You can join in the competition by completing your pre-order before 15.05.2015. Everyone who already pre-ordered will compete as well.

You can pre-order your copy of "Dies, Nox et Omnia: Sine Fine" in our webshop.

Good luck!


Album release parties

Written by Thomas on March 20th, 2015 AD

We are organising two amazing events in honour of the release of our upcoming album, "Dies, Nox et Omnia: Sine Fine".

The release party in Germany will be at the pitchblack Wave-Gotik-Treffen festival in Leipzig, from 22 - 25 May! Find out more here.

We will have a joint release party in the Netherlands on 20 November, together with Irfan, who are releasing their new album, "The Eternal Return", this year as well. Find out more here.

"Dies, Nox et Omnia: Sine Fine" will be released on 22.05.2015 and features remixes of our tracks by Corvus Corax, Schwarzblut, Niel Mitra and Orchus!

Dies, Nox et Omnia - SINE FINE

Written by Thomas on March 13th, 2015 AD

We are excited to announce the release of "Dies, Nox et Omnia: Sine Fine"! This is a special edition of our debut album, fully remastered by triple Grammy Award winner Darcy Proper, presented in a deluxe digipack and featuring a 32-page booklet with lyrics and information for all songs.

But that is not all; we haven't been working on this album by ourselves alone... "Dies, Nox et Omnia: Sine Fine" features remixed versions of four of our tracks by ORCHVS, Corvus Corax, Schwarzblut and Niel Mitra (FAUN)

"Dies, Nox et Omnia: Sine Fine" will be released through VK Histomedia on 22.05.2015, and is now available for pre-order in our webshop!

Yours, Cesair

Promotional Photo

Written by Thomas on December 12th, 2014 AD

We are proud to reveal our new promotional photo!
Months ago we travelled to a secret shore hidden at the end of the earth, where 2,000-year-old trees had been erected by forces beyond our comprehension, to live out a new life. At this crossing of times and borders we now stand, and we invite you...

Join us on our journey across ages!

This photo ties in with a special project of which you will learn more very soon...!
Our massive thanks go out to Mel, Femke, Roos, Thomas, Selma and Ronald for helping us reach this incredible result.

Click here to view the photo in full size!

Concept & Styling: Hats 'n Dreads
MUA: Selma Toth
Hairstyling: Roh's Barbershop

Mercury in Retrograde

Written by Thomas on September 5th, 2014 AD

Mercury is in retrograde and suddenly all machines have started failing and tripping all around us..
I was taught that seeing Mercury in retrograde refers to the phenomenon where the natural orbit of the Messenger Planet, as viewed from earth, appears to stop, slowly, and revert its path... We should grasp this moment and stop ourselves, just for a while, to have a look inside and be reminded of what we really feel is important, underneath the clouds of dust created by our ever-running feet. So, shut down your failing computer, run outside and be ready to meet yourselves, while the sky is on hold!
Afterwards, please come back to continue reading! In 3... 2... 1...

Welcome back! Now that you're all behind your screens again, I'd like to tell you that Cesair is also in retrograde, in a sense... We are returning to the place where we gave our very first concert together with our drummer Jan! This was the Gothic & Fantasy Beurs, back in spring 2012, a show which initiated a journey that I'd happily retread! We'll be performing there again in two weeks, on 19 October, alongside Omnia and The Dolmen. We all hope to see you there, and pray that the electronics are back to normal by then!

For more information on our upcoming shows please visit our Agenda!

Corvus Corax

Written by Fieke on January 30th, 2014 AD

Corvus Corax The symbol of freedom and eternal life.
The link between heaven and Earth.
Two follow Odin.
The name Lugh is derived from the Celtic word.
Sacred to the Greek Apollo.
A bearer of bad luck, according to Christians...
The Common Raven
Corvus Corax in Latin.

This name is ascribed to a certain German band, otherwise known as "Die Könige der Spielleute". We have played their tunes and even danced their stage dances in our early days… And now it is time for Princess Cesair to finally meet this majestic black bird, the Raven...

We are exalted and thrilled to announce that on March 21st, Corvus Corax and Cesair will share the stage together in W2 Den Bosch!

Be sure to order your tickets on

The darkest hours

Written by Thomas on December 21st, 2013 AD

moonThe moon and sun shine vaguely through the thick blanket of grey clouds that dooms over our heads. When it is not raining, it snows, and life has left this plane in light of the all-encompassing darkness. It is now Yule, the end of the moon calendar. Harvest gods and Sun gods worldwide have descended into the cold earth beneath our feet and night is at its strongest.

In her darkest hour, Cesair, having lost love and hope, took her own life in the face of the Deluge’s towering waters, and jumped from a high cliff into the freezing, deep, dark sea. This is the tale told in “Dies, Nox et Omnia”. So, what is next? What comes after princess Cesair’ death?

Yule marks the longest night of the year, the longest period of darkness. Additionally, however, it marks the start of a period when light starts becoming stronger, and the gods begin their journey to rebirth. And so it will be for Cesair; after death, life is renewed.

We have so many tales to tell, so many songs to write, and we are laying the groundwork for several incredibly awesome plans and ideas to be carried out in the new year! Keep an eye out for more news over the coming months.

Cesair will be back in 2014!

After the Deluge

Written by Thomas on August 10th, 2013 AD

As clouds begin to draw over the skies and winds blow away the hot air, we have to arrive at the conclusion that this year's edition of Castlefest, the Sun festival, is truly over. It was amazing to see so many familiar faces and welcome so many new ones during our Friday show, and to perform alongside our guest musician Koen van Egmond from Sowulo on Sunday. But our biggest moment of awe was, of course, the "Symphoniae Diluvii" show at the Forest Stage on Saturday evening, during which we told the epic of princess Cesair, together with a string orchestra and male choir, with arrangements by Sophie. It means the world to us that we were able to share this emotional event with such a large, compelling and wonderful audience, and to see everything that we worked on for months fall into place.

We'd like to thank all of the people who participated in this event, on-stage and behind the stage. Everyone listed below contributed to an unforgettable experience.

Conductor: Pieter van Nes
First violin: Harry van de Meer, Marcel van Schaik, Anneruth Nieuwenhuizen, Annemieke Baggerman, Klaartje van Zwoll, Trienke Dijkstra
Second violin: Evelien van Geffen, Jorien van Eleveld, Marleen Lancee, Iris van de Meulen
Viola: Michelle Frentrop, Janneke Hendriksen, Bart van Osnabrucke, Hanna van Rentmeester
Cello: Marrit Putker, Jeanette Mosterd, Sylvia Folgers, Djemida Tonges
Double bass: Michiel Smit, Olav Lamme
Tenor: Piet Jasperse, John Muller, Wim van Dis, Nico Joosse
Bass: Daan van Loon, Piet Jansen van Roosendaal, Steef van der Vange, Rhodan ten Kleij
Storyteller: Daan van Loon
Additional drums: Joris Nijenhuis from Atrocity
On-stage manager: Rutger van Krieken
Backstage manager: Rosan van Genderen
Costumes: Annicke Shireen from FolkTailor
Merch babes: Marsha van Steveninck, Sara Weeda and Annicke Shireen
Technical crew: Simon Kemme, Wannes van Overveld, Kennard Dutscher, Edenilson Meppelink and Chris Mertens. We could not have pulled this off without your relentless hard work and smart remarks!
A special word to Mark and Natasja from Vana Events, for fully placing their trust in us, even when not a single note had yet been written down for this show. You two embody what makes Castlefest great for us in so many ways.
Finally, we thank all of the Castlefest organisers, volunteers and visitors for making this happen together with us!

This has been an exhausting, exhilarating, worthwhile and unforgettable weekend. We could not have wished for a better way to release our new album, and look back on it with pride.

Sophie, Monique, Fieke, Jan and Thomas

Dies, Nox et Omnia - now for sale!

Written by Fieke on August 1st, 2013 AD

Tomorrow we officially release our album on Castlefest, while celebrating Lughnasadh amongst beautiful people. But for all of you who cannot attend this festival, we already offer the possibility to order the album online! Just take a look at the column on the right of this newsitem!

Enjoy the warmth of the Summer Sun!

Dies, Nox et Omnia - album cover revealed!

Written by Thomas on July 1st, 2013 AD

The artwork for our upcoming debut album has been completed and we are proud and eager to share it with all of you. With this we also reveal the album title: "Dies, Nox et Omnia". The over-7-minutes-long title track, is named after an excerpt from the Carmina Burana. It recounts princess Cesair's last thoughts as she drops hundreds of feet into the deep, dark ocean to meet her death...

Find out what moved Cesair to jump towards her bitter fate in the CD booklet, which will allow you to delve deeper into the world and the ideas behind the 13 sad, epic, dark and uplifting songs featured on the album.

The release date for Dies, Nox et Omnia is set for 2 August, during Castlefest 2013! What better way to celebrate the birth of our first album, than in the warm solar rays during the Festival of the Sun?

NEW: Dies, Nox et Omnia SINE FINE

Remastered special edition!

Want to see more?
Go to our webshop!

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