Dies, Nox et Omnia: Sine Fine

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2015 - Screaming Banshee

This is a special edition of our debut album, fully remastered by triple Grammy Award winner Darcy Proper, featuring remixed versions of four of our tracks by Orchus, Corvus Corax, Schwarzblut and Niel Mitra from FAUN. Presented in a deluxe digipack and featuring a 32-page booklet with lyrics and information for all songs.
Produced, recorded and mixed by Fieke van den Hurk | Orchus Studio
Mastered by Darcy Proper | Wisseloord Studios
1. Prologue
2. Enuma Elish
3. Minnic Soe Stervic
4. Ishtar
5. Dies, Nox Et Omnia
6. Du Som Har
7. Atiny Naya
8. The Wanderings Of Oisín
9. Y Gododdin
10. Canso (Niel Mitra remix)
11. Mal Casada (Corvus Corax remix)
12. Graeica (Schwarzblut remix)
13. Bergatrollets Friari (Orchus remix)

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