"Aux Pieds Nus" | Music video and Single out now!

Sometimes it takes a storm to hear the silence. In a year where our world is in a constant state of upheaval, we embrace the quiet of feeling sand beneath our bare feet, hearing the waves rushing towards us, shedding tears for lives and loves lost. Our latest song, “Aux Pieds Nus”, reflects this as it tells a tale of loss and grief; but also of a love that stretches beyond the boundaries of life.

The music video for "Aux Pieds Nus" releases on 8.10.2021, and the single comes out on all music platforms on the same day.
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Myth & Music

"The wheel turns yet another round; years line up in a sequence of memories. After our wheels stop, what remains is the precious gift of the tales of our lives. Stories are the treasure troves we inherit, messages encoded by the passing of time. Symbols then hold the keys to riches inside; all we have to do is become still and listen. We, Cesair, we weave words into melodies, to bring you the wisdom of all ages. We are the keepers of stories and the spinners of myth. We honour the worlds of our ancestors and work to preserve that which should not be forgotten."
Band members
Monique Vocals, zills, bodhrán
Sophie Violin, viola, cello, jaw harp, vocals
Thomas Guitar, Irish bouzouki, frame drum, vocals
Daan Piano, synths, accordion, vocals
Luka Slideridoo
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