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Remember, there was a time before us. In this old world, a sense of belonging and feeling of oneness kept us together through storm and flood. Remember, there was a place; a center in the cycles of life, a portal to the inner earth. Marked with stone monuments, such places stood aligned with the pathway to the stars. Remember, there was a name at the beginning: Omphalos, the navel of the earth.

A bridge between the old and the new, Omphalos is the long awaited follow-up to Cesair`s debut Dies, Nox et Omnia, featuring 12 original songs performed by former and current band members, as well as a guest appearance by FAUN`s Stephan Groth.

Produced, recorded and mixed by Fieke van den Hurk at Dearworld Studio
Mastered by Darius van Hefteren at Amsterdam Mastering

1. Erda
2. The Ruin
3. Runatal
4. Boudicca
5. Chorihani
6. La Luna 
7. Troll Kalla Mik
8. Ahes (+ Stephan Groth)
9. Mardochaios
10. Isolde
11. Surya Mantras
12. Umbra
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